When we build and operate a data centre, nothing is left to chance. That's why our facilities deliver 100% uptime, every time.

Since our Nordic operations started in 2001, our data centers have delivered a service level of 100% uptime, or technically speaking, higher than 99.999%.

High customer satisfaction
From the beginning we regularly survey our customers to understand their percpetion of delivery, providing us feedback for constant improvement of our services.

Trusted across industries
Our customers include international corporate groups, small-to-medium enterprises and public sector agencies. Their space ranges from 50m² to several thousand. Every customer has a unique requirement for service and support. Here we present some customer profiles. More detailed references can of course be provided on request. 

IT company
A leading Nordic IT services provider with around 10,000 employees chose to outsource after 40 years of in-house data centre operation. The company asked DigiPlex to create a data centre with world-class performance and sustainability and a unique funding model.

Regional healthcare authority
A public health services group employing 80,000 people in numerous local hospitals, surgeries and drop-in clinics placed all of its ICT equipment within DigiPlex premises to free up internal resources for patient care.

Telecoms operator
An international telecoms company employing 4,800 people across 30 countries utilise DigiPlex for a central hub facility for its Northern European operations.

Business support services group
A leading provider of business software and services for accounting and administration with over 300,000 customers across Europe. The ICT equipment placed in the DigiPlex data centres protects its geographic service redundancy needs.

Marine engineering and services group
An international provider of marine engineering and support services to the offshore oil and gas industry, with 23,000 employees in 30 countries. ICT equipment placed with DigiPlex provides a host of analytical business services.

Financial services organisation
A world leading stock exchange company has selected DigiPlex for its regional data centre.

Nordic Internet Exchange
All the large ISPs in Norway are connected, making it a good peering point for content and service providers reaching out to the Norwegian market.

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