Colocation benefits

The best possible setting for your cloud and digitalisation journey.

What colocation gives you
For many businesses today, colocation simply makes sense. It provides the infrastructure and security of a dedicated data centre without the costs and resources otherwise needed to maintain it – while allowing you to have full control over your IT infrastructure. Finding the right colocation service might be one of the best decisions your organisation can make. Colocation can release investment budget, increase your sustainability, speed up your cloud adoption and improve your connectivity with important ecosystems. And best of all, regardless of your size and needs, we can always provide a flexible solution just for you.

Why DigiPlex
We are data center experts and have designed and built some of the most reliable and technically advanced data centres in Europe. We offer the highest level of security and well-tested state-of-the-art technology which, in combination with our innovative energy efficient solutions, proves that greener is also more cost effective.

We are the only colocation provider with sites in Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo. All of our facilities are fully compliant with the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) recognised standards for quality, information security, safety and environmental management.

Business benefits
Colocation makes financial sense in most cases, as you can both reduce your costs and turn expensive capital investments into predictable operating expenses to fit your budget.

Regardless of whether you are a small business, a large international enterprise or active in the public sector, you can expand your infrastructure capacity and benefit from the outstanding quality and expertise provided by our colocation services.

Support your cloud strategy
Executing a cloud strategy or adopting a cloud first approach can sometimes leave you with data of sensitive nature that requires placement elsewhere. Lower loads on inhouse data centre infrastructures, that need to be kept running as long as there are servers left, can cause deterioration in energy efficiency. In this case, migration to colocation, not only addresses long and short-term sustainability aspects, but also provides a solution to increasing needs for data security, availability, and connectivity.  And, not least important, release of investment capital once the in-house data centre has been shut down.  

DigiPlex colocation provides an excellent home for your remaining data, being scalable, of high standard and directly connected with public cloud providers and a whole ecosystem of potential partners. Thus providing the perfect setting for your hybrid cloud deployment.

Connectivity is key
In an increasingly digital and connected world, connectivity and communication performance are of the utmost importance, and need to happen without either latency problems or poor performance. Therefore, companies need to optimise communication between IT systems, platforms, clouds and end users.

Colocation with DigiPlex offers you just this, along with unique connectivity across the Nordics. Our Nordic Connect Platform provides stable, low-latency and scalable access between the 3 capitals and into the wider DigiPlex ecosystem with its important providers and partner data. These connections strengthen your competitive advantages, improve customer satisfaction and enable innovation.

Greener and better
As environmental aspects become more important to both society and businesses and brands, colocation can be used to minimise the environmental footprint of your IT and of your company. By choosing carefully you can save 30% on your power consumption just by moving your current equipment into an energy efficient colocation facility. Making sure your servers and data centre infrastructure run on renewable electricity can significantly improve your carbon footprint. DigiPlex data centres have been running on 100% renewable hydroelectric power since 2000.

Manage your data
Further, DigiPlex colocation is perfect for data that needs to stay in-country – regardless of whether you choose to build a private cloud solution or migrate servers to a dedicated colocation space within your geographical borders. You’ll know where your data is at all times and reap the benefits of cost sharing, dedicated operations and security. Our strict routines guarantee that only staff and visitors authorized by you will have access to your equipment. Additionally, most of our sites offer 24/7 manned front desks and on-site security.


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