Network connectivity with DigiPlex gives you options – options to connect to the carriers, clouds, service providers and networks that are beneficial to your business.

Navigating Connectivity through Colocation

In an increasingly digital and connected world, connectivity and communication performance are crucial and need to happen without latency problems or poor performance. Companies need to optimize communication between IT systems, platforms, clouds and end users through data center connectivity.

One of the most valued benefits of a colocation data center is its ability to interconnect with other companies within the facility. Colocation with DigiPlex offers you just this, along with unique data center connectivity solutions across the Nordics.

Nordic Connection

The Nordics has a robust fiber highway and direct sub-sea connectivity to all the major markets in Europe. By placing your data center in the Nordics, you will have access to the entire European region, enabling your business to be Pan-Nordic and Pan-European.

Access to fiber and availability to different carriers is key for the type of mission critical connectivity that data centers require. The extensive fiber network in the Nordic countries secures good connectivity to the rest of the region. It guarantees the highest availability and uptime and stable operations for your deployments.

DigiPlex Data Center Connectivity Solutions

Discover Nordic Connect

Our Nordic Connect data center network connectivity platform provides stable, low-latency and scalable access between Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and into the wider DigiPlex ecosystem with our important providers and partner data.

Nordic Connect lets you:

  • Expand operations in the Nordics
  • Strengthen your competitive advantage
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Reach the Edge
  • Use fast and secure routes to the Cloud


A connected ecosystem

Through Nordic Connect, you can connect with counterparts across borders as easily as if you occupied neighboring racks in the same facility. It also offers access to numerous carriers and internet exchanges to expand the reach to networks and fabrics across the globe.

Extending access to the Cloud

Nordic Connect gives you efficient routes to the secure, dedicated and private connections essential to operating in the Cloud. We offer connectivity to all major Cloud and network service providers. Through our partners, such as Megaport, we also offer direct, secure and on-demand access to their global ecosystem of service providers, including leading cloud service providers like Google Cloud Platform and Oracle Cloud.

Reach the Edge

Nordic Connect is designed to assist DigiPlex customers seeking to expand across borders or enter the Nordic market with a single data center provider. With seven Nordic data centers, we offer a unique mix of possible Edge deployments in either Oslo, Stockholm or Copenhagen. This enables customers to meet demands on latency or local regulations such as GDPR.

Public cloud providers

Microsoft and Amazon Web Services have chosen to establish their respective Azure ExpressRoute and AWS Direct Connect PoPs at our Oslo Ulven data center. This means that with one connection to DigiPlex Nordic Connect, you get direct access to both these public clouds. The only activity required from you as a customer is to order a port from the cloud service provider and contact DigiPlex for a connection from any of our data centers.


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