Cages and Small Suites

Data Center Cage Solutions

DigiPlex’s secure and flexible data center cage solutions are ideal if you want scalable options, with assured privacy, protection and cost efficiency you would expect from a market leader.

Requirements to Suit Your Business

We provide the ideal secure cage and small private suite solutions to meet your requirements in terms of flexibility, security, sustainability and power.
Choose from a selection of service providers, power configurations, connectivity options and security levels.

Data center cage features:

  • A dedicated space which only you (and persons authorized by you) have access to
  • Minimum N+1 cooling & humidity control
  • Metered or non-metered options
  • Dual resilient power circuits and conditioned power to each rack
  • Early smoke detection system
  • Additional security layers can be added on request, including biometric


Benefits of Data Center Cages

  • Security
    • Personalized access and physical separation
  • Scalability
    • Possibilities to scale up when needed
  • Flexibility
    • Design your solution the way you want it
  • Sustainability
    • 100% certified renewable energy


DigiPlex Cage/Small Suite Offerings

  • Multi cloud connectivity (AWS, Microsoft Azure, Megaport etc.)
  • Robust ecosystem - Nordic Connect Platform
  • Built in redundancy (security, power, cooling and networks)
  • Smart hands service
  • Tailored security (biometric access, dedicated cameras, magnetic key cards etc.)
  • Custom built / flexible / scalable solutions
  • 100% renewable green energy
  • Low PUE
  • Temperature and humidity levels that give you control over efficiency
  • Highest security standards (ISO)
  • 24/7/365 on-site operations and facility staff
  • Download the datasheet (new)


DigiPlex small private suites and cages are housed within our Nordic colocation environment, giving customers easy access to a selection of interconnection options and the benefits of shared overhead cost efficiencies.


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