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How sustainable Nordic data centres enable enterprises to go Green

The environmental impact of data centres is becoming a major concern
Data centres now have the same carbon footprint as the airline industry and as data volumes become larger and more business critical, the data center becomes increasingly more important. Our latest report shows that sustainability is now the fourth most pressing data centre concern and as such choosing the right data center is crucial for business, security and the environment.

Green Power without the premium
The Nordic region has a reliable power supply, some of the cheapest power in Europe plus an abundant renewable energy. DigiPlex data centres are powered entirely by renewable energy sources such as hydropower and wind power. To meet increasingly strict environmental regulations and customer demands, DigiPlex can provide the technology and resources needed to prove that "greener" can be both beneficial and cost effective. 

Cool Climate - working with nature
Thanks to the cool, moist climate of the Nordic region, our natural cooling solution has great benefits for our most recent data centres. It works in line with nature to save energy, reduce costs and decrease the environmental footprint. Our innovative Air-to-Air evaporative cooling systems enable energy savings of up to 25% compared to industry average, without loss of quality.

Clean footprint
We will use the same award winning solution to remove excess heat generated in our data centres to help warm homes in both Oslo and Stockholm. Watch our video and learn more.​



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