The entire structure of doing business in the Nordics is simplified, straightforward and direct. With stable political governance and a stable economy, the Nordics provide a unique proposition to satisfy a growing international marketplace for data centers. 

Speed to market & available land
We deliver scalable solutions from your initial footprint, giving speed to market in the Nordics upto 50MW+ for your long term requirements.  Our solutions include modular pre-fabricated building, custom traditional builds and colocation. We have acquired land in the Nordics in readiness for larger projects, with processes, permits and procedures already in place. If you have your own land, we can easily adapt our solution to meet your requirements.

Green power without the premium
The Nordic region has a reliable power supply, some of the cheapest power in Europe and abundant renewable energy, enabling DigiPlex data centres to run on 100% renewable energy. Thanks to the cool, moist climate of the Nordic region, our award winning Air-to-Air evaporative cooling solution delivers natural cooling to our most recent data centres. It works in line with nature to save energy, reduce costs and decrease the environmental footprint.

Low cost of power – millions in potential savings
The Nordics has the lowest energy price in Northern Europe – the price of power in the Nordics is approximately half that in the UK and 40% less than Germany. A 10MW data center, operating in the Nordics (as opposed to the UK), could save around $100 million over 10 years on power alone and has an almost zero carbon footprint. Read more in the Wall Street Journal article on the subject published in 2018.

Previous experience
DigiPlex has already funded, designed and built an impressive build-to-suit facility. We understand the Hyperscale and enterprise requirements and how quickly they can change. DigiPlex strive to be the "go to partner in the Nordics" with 17 years of local colocation operating experience, we have the ability to create a smooth landing into the region.

The Nordics vs the FLAPD markets
The recent study “Data Centre Opportunities in the Nordics" (published by the Nordic Council of Ministers), compares the attractiveness of the Nordic region to the FLAPD region. According to the report’s findings, the Nordics are likely to gain market share thanks to five key advantages: abundant renewable energy, reliable power supply, low energy prices, political stability and faster time-to-market primarily due to ease of doing business. 

We have created an easy to read guide, outlining what we see as the most important factors for selecting the Nordics as the best region for your next data center.


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