Business as Usual

8 Oct 2020
At the heart is the promise to create an environment that exactly matches the customers requirements. Tried, tested & proven.

Hidden Heroes

6 Oct 2020
In the first part of our "Introduction To" series, we meet Head of Sales Operations Christoffer Hillbom

Quality at Speed

22 Sep 2020
To support increased data center demand, it's essential to deliver quality at speed and in the right location.

Invest in Culture

23 Jul 2020
As a technology company we were well equipped for the change, but there's more to WFH successfully than good tech!

Nordics at the Heart

29 Jun 2020
Nordic region is an engine of digitization with the skills, connectivity and experience to lead in successful transformation to a digital economy.

Customers Drive Connectivity

19 Jun 2020
Fast, low-latency connections combined with abundant sustainable, low-cost power make the Nordics a highly desirable location for data centers.


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