A worrying 60% don’t know where their data resides

19 September 2018
A new survey from DigiPlex and IDG Connect has revealed dramatic shifts in business attitudes and awareness in a time of incredible digital transformation.
A worrying 60% don’t know where their data resides

Online article by Data Centre Review - 19 Sept 2018

Data centres and issues related to their operation are achieving new prominence as a means to reduce the business risk, boost competitiveness and improve sustainability. However, significant awareness gaps persist, illuminating the barriers which continue to limit businesses from achieving real change.

Key Findings

  • 74% of business decision-makers say their company’s survival depends on digital transformation.
  • A straggering 60% of responding businesses are not sure in which country their data resides.
  • 91% are moving their data to another physical location to comply with GDPR regulations.
  • 71% of the responding businesses expressed that they were conducting urgent digital change or have already implemented major digital adjustments.
  • Sustainability rises in two years from the lowest to forth most significant data centre challenge, after security, energy and operating costs.

The report, titled ‘A perfect storm: Nordic data centre trends 2018’, conducted in partnership with IDG Connect, reveals the outlook of 300 business leaders in the Nordic region. Senior decision-makers indicate the considerable effort now being spent to ensure data is processed and stored sustainably, whether that be related to running cost, security or long-term environment impact.

Sustainable data centres needed in future

The prominence of data centres at C-level has increased in line with greater and more globally widespread deployment of new technologies including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Analytics and Augmented Reality (AR).

Seven in ten surveyed companies believe that the biggest source of business disruption comes from cloud computing, which is expected to change core business models and have a considerable impact on revenue and margins in just three years, closely followed by big data and analytics (69%), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (66%). Considered together, the stage is clearly set for a tremendous shift in core business models, structures or operations and a greater need for sustainable data centres.

“Cloud and big data analytics will be among the main disruption factors on the short track for all company business models. 74% of the companies surveyed say that their survival will be dependent on digital conversion, and this ‘Digitise or Die’ trend will lead to new investments in sustainable data centres,” Gisle M. Eckhoff, concluded.

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