Initiative earns shortlisting for two CIR Business Continuity Awards

19 March 2019
Innovation and sustainability initiative earns shortlisting for two CIR Business Continuity Awards
Initiative earns shortlisting for two CIR Business Continuity Awards

The Nordic leader for innovative, secure and sustainable data centres, has been recognised by CIR (Continuity, Insurance & Risk) Magazine as a finalist in two categories of its annual Business Continuity Awards: Initiative of the Year and Most Innovative Product of the year.

The CIR Awards recognise excellence in the provision of services and solutions that ensure long-term business success, sustainability, security and resilience. As the most recognised Nordic data centre brand, DigiPlex has long maintained an active leadership role in the industry for providing its customers a long-term strategic and operational advantage through solutions underpinned by efficient and ethical business thinking.

“The CIR awards are in their 21st year, just a few years older than DigiPlex, and have a great legacy recognising some of the most exciting and creative solutions that ensure a resilient, sustainable future for business” says Gisle M. Eckhoff, CEO of DigiPlex. “We are pleased to be shortlisted by their expert panel of judges for our work to advance solutions that not only offer sustainable strategies but also allow companies to contribute to their communities as a positive force.”

DigiPlex innovation was shortlisted in the Most Innovative Product of the Year for the development of its advanced Concert Control system, a sophisticated closed-loop algorithm which further optimises cooling and power management of DigiPlex’ advanced air-cooled centres in the Nordics.

For Initiative of the Year, DigiPlex has been shortlisted for its collaboration with Stockholm Exergi, to use the excess heat generated by its advanced data centre to supply heat to upwards of 10,000 homes in the community. The initiative marks both an engineering feat, comprising an intricate retrofit of DigiPlex’s most advanced data centre, as well as an ethical leap forward which allows DigiPlex to offer customers a route to a more responsible business strategy.

The CIR Magazine’s 21st Annual Business Continuity Awards will be held in London on 6th June.

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