Safe Harbour demise is an opportunity

22 January 2016
The EU power struggle provides exciting opportunities for Norwegian data centers.
Safe Harbour demise is an opportunity

Gisle M. Eckhoff looks at the demise of the EU's Safe Harbour agreement with the United States as an opportunity for Norwegian data centres.

US authorities have introduced legislation forcing US companies to disclose data stored abroad. The EU has however opposed this legislation and declared that national and EU legislation in terms of privacy shall apply.

In practice, they have rejected the American legislation. US authorities, and as a consequence US companies, must present a framework to protect the data of European companies, organizations and individuals from extradition. The deadline is set at the end of January otherwise the EU will establish its own "firewall" against American access. The issue is complex and it concerns us all - although many are not aware of it.

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Article on the same topic in Swedish - Computer Sweden

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