DigiPlex recognised for financial innovation and transformation

10 January 2020
Shortlisted for two prestigious Finvest awards for Hyperscale Investment & Global Financial Leader
DigiPlex recognised for financial innovation and transformation

The Nordic leader for innovative, secure and sustainable data centres, has been shortlisted for two prestigious Finvest awards. Winners will be announced in Zurich on 13th February 2020.

The Finvest awards are the first truly global awards for the financers, legal experts and advisory firms in the data centre, cloud and edge computing markets, and celebrate those driving global deals that change the industry. DigiPlex has been shortlisted for Hyperscale Investment of the Year and its chairman, Byrne Murphy, is one of three shortlisted for the Global Financial Leader Award

The speedy upgrade of DigiPlex Fetsund from a single tenant facility into a multi-tenant co-location facility was possible due to the stability and flexibility afforded by innovative financing via publicly listed bonds. This allowed it to move fast to meet the time to market needs of hyperscale customers.

As a pioneer in the industry, Byrne Murphy foresaw the critical role of the emerging digital infrastructure in Europe and formed DigiPlex in 2000 to capitalize on the Nordic region’s low cost, renewable energy and cool climate. He has driven its growth through innovative financial initiatives including the world’s first pre-construction data center bond, issued and publicly listed in Norway in 2015. Recently he helped secure NOK 1.8 billion to finance DigiPlex facilities through one of Norway’s largest-ever high yield bonds.  

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