Power Briefings

6 February 2017
DigiPlex to participate in Business Sweden initiative to advise US firms on the Swedish Data Center market.
Power Briefings

DigiPlex, the leading Nordic data center company, will participate in an initiative by The Embassy of Sweden, Business Sweden & Data Centers by Sweden aimed to advise US companies about the low power cost level in Sweden. On January 1, 2017, the Swedish Government lowered the energy tax for data centres dramatically by 97%, resulting in the lowest price for electricity in Europe ($0.035 to $0.045 per kilowatt-hour). The carbon footprint is also minimal due to Sweden's extensive renewable power production. 

Two seminars will be hosted in Washington DC on Feb 14 and Silicon Valley on Feb 16 to discuss the strategic implications of this change for US firms looking to establish a European presence.

Byrne Murphy, Chairman of DigiPlex said, “Sweden has the intellectual capital, cutting edge innovation and climate to create extremely efficient and sustainable data centers. The 97% reduction in energy tax combined with Sweden’s renowned business friendliness further fuels an already strong business case. We are very pleased to be part of this important initiative and share our views on why US firms should put Sweden and the Nordic region at the top of their list of data center locations.”

Forbes´ latest annual ranking shows that Sweden is the best country in the world to do business in. Since 2006, Sweden has climbed from 17th place to number one. This is the 11th straight year Forbes has gauged the world’s economies to measure which are the most inviting for capital investment. The ranking graded 139 countries on 11 categories, and Sweden ranks among the top ten countries in seven of these categories.

Tomas Sokolnicki, Head of Data Centers by Sweden at Business Sweden said, "We have already seen an increased level of interest in the Swedish market. Sweden's stable and robust power grid, extensive fiber network and the lowest price for electricity in Europe is a very attractive combination. The seminars that we are hosting for US companies are part of our ongoing outreach on how Sweden can partner with US firms in establishing a cost effective and sustainable presence in Northern Europe.”

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