Norwegian Minister visits DigiPlex

30 March 2016
Norwegian Minister of Trade and Industry visits Fetsund, Oslo data centre
Norwegian Minister visits DigiPlex

Norway's Minister of Trade and Industry Monica Mæland and DigiPlex CEO Gisle M. Eckhoff

On Wednesday March 30, the Norwegian Minister of Trade and Industry, Monica Mæland, visited DigiPlex’s Fetsund data centre in the Oslo area

Having received the report “Locations for data center enterprises in Norway” from Oluf Ulseth, CEO of Energy Norway, the minister took the opportunity to see first hand one of Norways newest data centres. The extensive report outlines in detail the electrical resources available, fibre access and connectivity as well as highlighting the many benefits and opportunities for good data centre locations in the country. 

Mæland was also personally introduced to DigiPlex and the award-winning data centre by Gisle M. Eckhoff, DigiPlex CEO. 

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