Nordics provide stability

5 July 2016
The Nordic region has been flooded with post “Brexit” enquiries.
Nordics provide stability

One of the key factors for any data centre client is a stable environment, both political and economic, so how will the UK datacentre industry fair as a result of the UK's decision to leave the EU? Many fear it will have a significant impact and that the industry will start to suffer almost immediately. But what are the alternatives? 

The Nordic region has long been an option for the large US companies and now, since the UK decided to leave Europe, we are seeing significant increase in opportunities and enquiries from the US and other continents, including Asia and India. DigiPlex prides itself as being the longest standing, carrier neutral operator in the Nordic region with an impeccable operational track record. We continue to expand facilities in Norway and Sweden, with opportunities for both Denmark and Finland too.

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