NetNordic chooses DigiPlex for consolidation

5 March 2019
NetNordic consolidates existing data centres and chooses DigiPlex Nordic dual-site solution
NetNordic chooses DigiPlex for consolidation

DigiPlex, the Nordic leader for innovative, secure and sustainable data centres, announces that NetNordic, the fast growing Nordic system integrator, has selected DigiPlex to cater for all the company’s data centre needs.

NetNordic is a Nordic system integrator with a broad customer portfolio and nearly 300 employees in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. The company currently uses five different data centres in Norway, and DigiPlex will deliver a dual-site solution using the data centres at Ulven and Rosenholm in Oslo, where one of them will be the primary centre and the other the secondary centre. This provides maximum stability and security for NetNordic's customers.

"We operate systems for large customers where stability and security are critical factors, and we therefore have a dual-site policy. DigiPlex is the industry leader in housing business-critical data, and their dual-site solution makes them the natural choice to provide our customers with the quality they require", says Jarl Øverby, CEO of NetNordic.

"We are proud to welcome NetNordic and look forward to supporting their continued growth. More and more businesses define stable, secure and environmentally friendly data centre solutions as business critical and customers with such high demands fit perfectly in DigiPlex’ data centres" says Gisle M. Eckhoff, CEO of DigiPlex.

To ensure a seamless transition from the old to new solution, DigiPlex will support NetNordic in the planning and migration from today's five centres to DigiPlex' two centres in the Oslo area.

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