More companies outsourcing

13 October 2016
More companies saving money by outsourcing to exceeding efficient data centers
More companies outsourcing

IDG Business Tech - Sweden - online article published 3 October 2016

Increasingly more companies realise that they can save big money by outsourcing their IT operations to exceedingly efficient data centers. These can provide an availability of 100 percent, increased flexibility, and a high level of security.

The main reason for this increase in the demand for external data centers is the Internet and the accelerating digitalization of the world economy. The so-called third wave of digitalization, the Internet of Things, has started. To be able to handle the emerging huge amounts of data—big data—a major part of any IT infrastructure must be upgraded.

This development means that more and more companies embrace the concept of outsourcing all or parts of their IT operations.

”Companies should choose a data center operator that has a good reputation, years of experience, an extensive track record, and one who has never had any downtime,” says Gisle M. Eckhoff, CEO, DigiPlex

On behalf of DigiPlex, IDG Connect conducted a survey to determine how companies in Sweden look at outsourcing. It clearly shows that there is a large and growing interest in outsourcing to external data centers, which includes putting increasingly more applications in the cloud.

”In the Nordic countries today, between 25 and 30 percent of all applications are in the cloud. In five years, I would say, the percentage will be between 60 and 70.” states Eckhoff

The most obvious benefit of outsourcing is to reduce costs. Companies can save a significant amount of money by sharing the costs of land, building, power, and servers with many other companies. Another major advantage is the high level of security that a modern data center can offer.

”By outsourcing, companies are flexible as well. Their IT operations can both grow and shrink smoothly—and the companies pay only for the resources they use."

Companies should also choose a data center operator that offers its customers a favorable financial model. DigiPlex is the first player in the data center industry that has issued bonds to provide financing for the construction and operation of its data centers. DigiPlex has chosen to locate its data centers to Sweden and Norway.

”The combination of lower pricing for Nordic power and the benefits of ’free cooling’—using the ambient air to cool down the hot servers and warm air—can save data center users in the Nordics as much as 40 percent or more versus locations in the continent,” says Gisle

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