Innovate or Die!

4 January 2017
It’s not just engineers that need to innovate. The data centre sector needs new approaches to business and finance.
Innovate or Die!

There is a well-known credo that applies not only to this industry, but to almost any dynamic, high growth industry: innovate or die.

The normal response among data centre companies is to focus on operational efficiency. We tend to seek engineering-led innovation in order to reduce operating costs.

This makes sense as many companies, for example, spend as much on their power bill as on their rent. Hence doing everything we can to maintain our power usage effectiveness (PUE) is vital. But to be a long-term winner in this sector companies need more than engineering-driven, operations-focused innovation. We need to ensure all the other elements of the business are also contributing to the innovation drive, and not just leaning on the engineers to constantly re-invent their wheel.

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