Hållbart Näringsliv

3 October 2019
Arranged by leading Swedish financial publication Dagens Industri and Aktuell Hållbarhet
Hållbart Näringsliv

Hållbart Näringsliv will be held in Stockholm on 13th November. Arranged by leading Swedish financial publication Dagens Industri and Aktuell Hållbarhet, DigiPlex will participate in a group discussion, together with sustainability experts.

11.00 -11.50 Massively increasing data storage – how shall the climate footprint from the data centers be stopped?
We shop for food through our mobile phones, watch Netflix in the evening and communicate through our mobile, activities that all start a process in a data center somewhere in the world. Already by 2020 the number of connected devices are expected to increase from 9 to 50 billion. All this data is of course consuming enormous amounts of energy. In 2025 data centres are expected to be responsible for 5.5 percent of the worlds total CO2-emissions, and 20 percent of all energy consumption. What challenges will this lead to and what demands will be put in the future on sustainable, secure and climate smart data services? Here you will, amongst other things, get a checklist of what you need to consider to ensure that your business critical data is managed and stored as safely as possible.

Upplägget i tre block:

  1. Fredrik Jansson, Strategichef på DigiPlex 
  2. Jan Gulliksen, professor i Människa-datorinteraktion, vicerektor för digitalisering, KTH, Stockholm 

    Panel, två ovanstående talare + ytterligare fyra personer (25–30)
    1. Cecilia Pfannenstill, kvalitets- och hållbarhetschef CGI Skandinavien
    2. Anita Lindberg, förvaltare, Alfred Berg
    3. Henrik Edin, näringspolitisk expert, IT&Telekomföretagen
    4. Markus Ekelund, VD, 2050
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