What GDPR Forgets: The Physical Security

25 January 2018
European Business Magazine interview Gisle M. Eckhoff on the physical security aspect of the GDPR legislation.
What GDPR Forgets: The Physical Security

The EU’s GDPR legislature will have consequences for every company doing business in Europe, including American companies. The new directive promises sizeable fines to anyone that does not take personal data seriously. Meanwhile, the data center company DigiPlex urges companies to focus on another important aspect: physical security.

The General Data Protection Regulation’s (GDPR) purpose is to harmonize legislation related to personal information across the EU’s member states. It does however also create radical challenges for American businesses holding information on EU customers. Come May 2018, when the legislation enters into force, companies will have publicly disclosed how the data is used, in addition to offering transparency for individuals seeking access to their data. The GDPR includes a sanction mechanism, and the fines for non-compliance can reach 4 percent of a company’s annual revenue.

American computer security company, McAfee, published a study of over 800 company leaders from different sectors. The report reveals that 50 percent of the respondents state that they would like to move their data to a more secure location. A motivating factor is the new EU legislation. The report also reveals that 74 percent of the business leaders specified that they thought protecting the data correctly would attract new customers.

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