DigiPlex expands two Oslo data centre facilities due to high customer demand

29 May 2018
DigiPlex announces it is expanding two of its current data centres in the Oslo area, Rosenholm and Ulven.
DigiPlex expands two Oslo data centre facilities due to high customer demand

DigiPlex, the leading Nordic data centre company, today announced that it is expanding two of its current data centers in the Oslo area, Rosenholm and Ulven.

The expansions have become necessary following increasing domestic and international customer demand for best-in-class data centre services in tailored, secure and resilient environments.

“The exponential growth of data consumption and business’ desire to do more with data is driving a strong data centre building boom”, said Gisle M. Eckhoff, CEO of DigiPlex. "Our data centers Ulven and Rosenholm have been in operations for 17 and 8 years respectively and are Norway’s most connected data centres with 100s of customers. The eco-system in both Ulven and Rosenholm makes them especially favourable go-to data centre for customers, and Rosenholm, with its campus setting, uses its excess heat to heat up the campus facilities. Both sites are well suited to host both hyperscalers and co-location customers”, continues Eckhoff.

With 23 service providers, cloudscene.com rank DigiPlex's Ulven #1 in the Oslo market. At a national level, Ulven is operating amongst 33 colocation facilities and ranked #1 in Norway by cloudscene.com. Ulven’s position as a leading data centre was reinforced by winning ”Data Centre Above and Beyond Award”  at the DataCloud Awards in June 2017, following DigiPlex’s outstanding work in upgrading the data centre.

Both Ulven and Rosenholm are well positioned from a dual-site perspective, and both are operated by the “Data Center Operations Team of the Year – Colo+Cloud”. An award given to DigiPlex at the DCD Awards in December 2017, which capped off a year of significant wins. The award recognises a team who has excelled in providing the mission critical part of a customer organisation’s IT equation, a team who has gone above and beyond everyday duties to their customers.

The increase in capacity at the Rosenholm data centre will add 700 sqm of white space, is scheduled to be available in July 2018.  A further 785 sqm of white space is being added at the Ulven data centre is scheduled to be available from September 2018. Once fully rebuilt, the two data centres Rosenholm and Ulven, combined with the Fetsund data centre, will collectively offer a total of 11,900 sqm of DigiPlex white space in the Oslo area.

"Norway has unique advantages as a global data centre destination and our ambition is to make the Norwegian data industry world leading. To that end we are very pleased to see that DigiPlex, who has been in the forefront of developing the Norwegian data centre market for the last 17 years, is expanding two of its facilities to meet both domestic and international demand." says Roger Schjerva at IKT Norway

The expansion of our Ulven facility also offered the added value of relocating the DigiPlex Oslo office into new bigger premises on Ulvenveien 82 to accommodate our growing team”, Eckhoff concludes.

As with all DigiPlex’s data centres, Rosenholm and Ulven are carrier neutral and deliver 24x7 operational excellence, full ISO-certification, high grade fire suppression system, on site security with state of the art security systems, card access systems throughout, and electromagnetic pulse (EMP) protection.  

DigiPlex aims to set the standard for best practice within the sustainable data centre industry and represents the new generation of data centre suppliers. DigiPlex helps companies maximize savings through innovation while reducing their carbon footprint and environmental impact. DigiPlex’ data centre is powered exclusively by sustainable sources of electricity and their new sites are some of the greenest and most energy efficient data centres in the world.

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