Pioneering Data Centre Opened in Norway

15 April 2015
DigiPlex’s latest environmentally friendly data centre in Norway, which is believed to have set a world first in data-centre funding strategies, was today opened by the country’s environment minister.
Pioneering Data Centre Opened in Norway

left to right: Byrne Murphy, Chairman of DigiPlex; Tine Sundtoft, Minister for Climate and Environment; Björn Ivroth, CEO of EVRY and John Harry Skoglund, Mayor of the Fet municipality at the opening event  

Tine Sundtoft, Norwegian Minister for Climate and Environment, attended an opening ceremony at the centre in Fetsund, a suburb of Oslo, Norway. She was joined by John Harry Skoglund, Mayor of the Fet municipality. They were hosted by DigiPlex, which is Norway’s largest owner and operator of data centres, and EVRY ASA, the user of the data centre, and one of the largest IT companies in Scandinavia.

The Fetsund centre has a power utilisation effectiveness (PUE) ratio of just 1.1, which is a remarkably low figure for a data centre. To achieve this, it employs DigiPlex’s Air to Air cooling system that uses the naturally cool Nordic climate to reduce energy consumption by about 25%. All its power comes from renewable sources, in common with DigiPlex’s other data centres.

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