CCO Lars Tisen handed out the award to Moderna Försäkringar

19 December 2017
DigiPlex presented the award to Moderna Försäkringar at the annual CIO Awards gala
CCO Lars Tisen handed out the award to Moderna Försäkringar

DigiPlex, the leading data centre company in the Nordic region, presented the award for Sustainable Project of the Year to Moderna Försäkringar and their service Moderna Smart Flex. The prize was awarded at the annual CIO Awards gala, which took place at Berns Salonger in Stockholm Monday.

"It is with great pleasure that we give this year's award to Moderna Försäkringar and their Modern Smart Flex. They have shown creativity and dedication as well as understanding of the environmental challenges associated with driving cars. They have, very wisely, connected it to their own business, insurances, and developed a service that has the potential to change our behaviour behind the wheel" says Lars Tisén, Chief Commercial Officer at DigiPlex.

Modern Smart Flex means that green and safe car driving is rewarded with significantly cheaper car insurance. With a specially designed box installed in the car the driving is measured and evaluated. For the driver, ultimately, it means that the insurance premium is based on how well, and environmentally friendly, the car is driven in real time.

Like the automotive industry, the data centre industry is very energy consuming and today accounts for three percent of the world's energy consumption and two percent of carbon dioxide emissions. The choice of data centre is therefore crucial in a company's environmental work.

“Sustainability is part of the DigiPlex DNA. The CIO Awards and Sustainable Project of the Year is an excellent opportunity for us to highlight the impact IT managers, who often are the ones who choose data centre, actually have on environmental issues. The gala brings together 250 to 300 IT executives from Sweden's largest company, so it's a good platform for us to raise awareness in the industry about this important issue" says Lars Tisén.

DigiPlex data centre in Upplands Väsby, north of Stockholm, is powered exclusively on renewable energy and is one of the greenest and most energy efficient data centres in the world. DigiPlex has won several awards for its extensive innovation and environmental work, such as the "Critical Environment Future Thinking Award" at the annual DCD Awards. The prize was for DigiPlex Concert Control system, a proprietary sophisticated control algorithm. Concert Control gives customers an additional 10 percent of energy savings in addition to the savings they already make with DigiPlex's multi-award winning air-to-air cooling solution.

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