DigiPlex follows hyperscalers into Denmark with new Copenhagen data centre

16 May 2018
Site brings the company’s portfolio to nearly 340,000 ft²of combined space across three of five Nordic countries reports Data Economy.
DigiPlex follows hyperscalers into Denmark with new Copenhagen data centre

Data Economy - May 16 2018

Nordic data centre services provider DigiPlex has officially announced it is entering the Danish market with a facility in Copenhagen.

The 17,200 sqf building is approximately 10 minutes’ drive from Copenhagen’s International airport at Kastrup. It is constructed of a heavy concrete frame arranged over three levels with all necessary data centre facilities. The site is versatile and customer specific configurations can be incorporated, ranging from contiguous colocation racks, caged areas or an entire data hall.

The location has three fibre entries to the building and the site provides up to 1500kW of power from renewable hydro and wind sources in a secure and green location. DigiPlex joins the likes of Facebook and Google, which are also building and/or planning data centres in Denmark.

Back in February, speaking to Data Economy, chairman, founder and co-owner Byrne Murphy, said the company was planning the opening of a site in not just Denmark but also Finland.

He said: “We have several in Norway, we have a campus in Sweden, and all I can say is, watch this space. We have a lot of plans. We’ve been doing this for 17 years, same two shareholders the whole time. We don’t take profits out, we reinvest, reinvest, reinvest. We’re very fortunate to be able to do that, and so far, it’s working.”

With the opening of the Copenhagen data centre, DigiPlex’s portfolio has grown to nearly 340,000 sqf of data centre space across five sites: one in Denmark, one in Sweden and three in Norway.

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