Pioneering DigiPlex Wins Two Awards at Datacloud Europe 2018

13 June 2018
DigiPlex recognised for championing a cleaner, sustainable and more efficient future, winning two prestigious awards at the 2018 Datacloud Awards.
Pioneering DigiPlex Wins Two Awards at Datacloud Europe 2018

DigiPlex, the leading Nordic data centre company, has been recognised for championing a cleaner, sustainable and more efficient future, winning two prestigious awards at the 2018 Datacloud Awards in Monaco last night.

DigiPlex was announced as the winner of two categories: “Best Data Centre Energy Solution” and “Marketer of the Year”, a new category introduced this year. For both, judges cited the ambitious steps DigiPlex has taken to redefine clean and sustainable practice for data centres, and how it has brought that message to a global audience with innovative marketing and communications efforts.

As winner of “Best Data Centre Energy Solution”, DigiPlex was celebrated for the pioneering environmental innovation implemented at its Stockholm data centre. Working in partnership with Stockholm Exergi, the data centre is being adapted so that its waste heat can be used to power 10,000 homes in the area. The initiative is also the first time an operational data centre with an indirect evaporative air-to-air cooling solution has undertaken a retrofit on such a large scale.

“DigiPlex is proud to have taken this lead in the industry and become the first to cost-effectively adapt an evaporative air-to-air cooled data centre to reclaim waste heat. As a 100% clean energy powered facility designed to take full advantage of the cool Nordic climate, going that extra bit further allowed us to create one of the most ambitiously energy efficient and green centres of its kind in the world. DigiPlex is committed to demonstrating leadership in sustainability – not just for the benefit of our customers - but also in consideration of our responsibility to the future,” says Gisle M. Eckhoff, CEO of DigiPlex.

DigiPlex also celebrated another historic first at the awards, with its Chief Strategy and Marketing/Communications Officer, Fredrik Jansson, being named Datacloud Europe’s first Marketer of the Year. This award was created to recognise outstanding contribution to marketing in the data centre and cloud industry, and reflects the growing importance of effective communication for data centres everywhere.  

Fredrik was recognised for leading a rapid marketing and communications transformation that has established DigiPlex as the leading Nordic data centre brand. Under Fredrik’s leadership DigiPlex’ marketing and communications efforts have achieved recognition across the data centre industry and beyond with nominations in cross-industry awards for “Best In-House Marketing Team” category at Computing's Tech Marketing & Innovation Awards,  “B2B Brand Team of the Year” at The Drum Marketing Awards, “Best Marketing Team” and “Best Marketing Campaign” at the Global Carrier Awards and “Communications Team of the Year” at the prestigious European Excellence Awards.

“I am honoured to become Datacloud Awards first Marketer of the Year and extremely grateful to the all-star team that has helped me carry DigiPlex’ message further than ever before. With data centres so fundamental to our digitised world, we all must recognise and adapt to our industry’s increasing power consumption and carbon footprint. I look forward to helping DigiPlex continue as a strong voice for innovation and sustainable practices, and to challenge conventional thinking around data centres through pioneering marketing and communication efforts,” says Fredrik Jansson.

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