DigiPlex seminar Wednesday 4th July at 14:50 on the Dagens Nyheter stage

18 June 2018
DigiPlex will present at this years Almedalen event in Gotland with a seminar on digitalisation and the environmental impact.
DigiPlex seminar Wednesday 4th July at 14:50 on the Dagens Nyheter stage

DigiPlex will present a seminar on how digitalisation requires climate smart data storage and debate whether it's time for new environmental legislation for the industry. Our seminar will take place on Wednesday 4th July on the Dagens Nyheter stage at 14:50 and a delegation will be at the event for the entire week. If you would like to arrange a meeting, please contact our Head of Communication, Elisabeth Lennhede.

"Digitisation requires climate smart data storage - time for new climate laws?"
Data centers today account for 2% of the world's annual CO2 emissions and 3% of energy consumption. Every minute in 2017 16 million SMS and 156 million mail were sent while 4.1 million videos were watched on YouTube. In the wake of digitization, an extreme increase in data traffic and new technologies such as IoT, Smart Cities, Big Data and Edge Computing, energy consumption and CO2 emissions increase exponentially! Perhaps you are already a big environment polluter without knowing about it?

Participants at the seminar are:

  1. Lars Tisén, CCO, DigiPlex
  2. Josefin Hedberg, Business Manager, RISE SICS North AB
  3. Ulf Wikström, Head of sustainability, Stockholm Exergi
  4. Johan Florén, Head of communication and ägarstyrning, AP7
  5. Linda Flink, Expert on energy and climate, Svenskt Näringsliv
  6. Rémy Kolessar, Research and innovation, The Swedish Energy Authority
  7. Niels Paarup-Petersen, Parliament candidate 
  8. Marcus Ekelund CEO and partner, 2050

Moderator Niklas Ekdal

The event will be streamed live.

Almedalen Week is an annual event taking place in and around Almedalen, a park in the city of Visby, Gotland. With speeches, seminars and other political activities, Almedalen is considered to be the most important forum in Swedish politics. During the week, representatives from local and national political parties, employees from local, regional and national organisations, plus representatives of non governmental organisations come together to network, discuss politics and many other topics of the day.

See the full itinerary on the Dagens Nyheter stage where DigiPlex is holding its seminar here.
For the full itinerary for the week long Almedalen event in Gotland, Sweden here. 

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