Top 10 things to consider when selecting a data centre partner

5 July 2019
Data is the lifeblood of a digital business so selecting the ideal data centre partner is crucial
Top 10 things to consider when selecting a data centre partner

Gigabit Magazine - July Edition

Data is the live blood of a didgital business, yet  it's surprising how much confusion still surrounds the choice of data centre provider. Our CEO, Gisle M. Eckhoff, talks with Gigabit Magazine  and examines some of the criteria you should take into account when selecting a data centre partner.

10. Environment - its vital to consider every environmental factor that may influence its operation.
 9.  Politics - countries which have consistent track record supporting IT infrastructure.
 8.  Connectivity - a data centre is gateway through which data needs to flow securely and quickly.
 7.  Reliability - a good partner should help you evaluate your own needs.
 6.  Design - data centres are complicated structures that require many facilities to seamlessly knit together.

For the complete checklist, read the online article here 

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