Danish Data Center Industry Conference

28 May 2019
Taking responsibility to ensure a green digital future was the conference theme this year.
Danish Data Center Industry Conference

Denmark's prominent position as the Nordic cleantech hub was confirmed at the Data Centers Denmark conference held on 15 May 2019. The general theme of the conference was the need for a green digital future – and at DigiPlex, we totally agree. In fact, it has been our mantra since we were founded in 2001.

Today, the data centre industry accounts for 2% of the world’s annual CO2 emissions and 3% of the electricity consumption, and these numbers will grow exponentially to 5.5% and 20%, respectively by 2025 due to increased digitisation. With that in mind, the 300 conference participants from across the IT ecosystem discussed how best to ensure a sustainable digital infrastructure in future, including topics such as energy and IT efficiency, future energy storage solutions, reuse of surplus heat and, not least, the need for connectivity.

Gisle M. Eckhoff, CEO of DigiPlex, was invited to share his knowledge of smart cities and smart city solutions requiring edge data centres. The City of Copenhagen aims to be CO2 neutral in 2025, and some of the suggested solutions for, for instance, reducing the travel time for citizens in a non-polluting way require huge data volumes (big data), a major upgrade of the data centre capacity close to the cities as well as political attention.

“As smart cities will cause an exponential increase in electricity consumption and carbon emissions, the growing digital carbon footprint should be at the top of the agenda. Smart cities require smart data centres, and it is key that policy-makers lead the way to ensure state-of-the-art, safe and sustainable data centres. It is in the public interest and we all have a responsibility,” says Gisle M. Eckhoff, CEO of DigiPlex.

“A progressive data centre industry must invest and take joint responsibility for the environmental footprint. As the trade association for the data centre industry, we are very much aware of that, and we intend, as far as possible, to involve all parties, especially policy-makers, to obtain the best possible framework conditions for the IT ecosystem. At the conference, we deliberately focused on energy optimisation and we hope that the tax issues relating to the reuse of surplus heat will soon be clarified,” says Henrik Hansen, CEO of Danish Data Center Industry.

The conclusions of the conference clearly paint a picture of a rapidly developing industry where all levers are used to cope with customer demand. According to BroadGroup, the growth story continues unabated and the massive investments previously seen in Norway and Sweden have now been extended to Denmark.

The winners of tomorrow will be the players who are able to work strategically with the optimisation of IT efficiency, not only in terms of PUE, but also in terms of overall carbon emissions and total IT costs. These KPIs will ensure a green digital future.


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