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18 May 2020
By choosing DigiPlex as your preferred partner, you have already made a sustainable choice for your business. The environmental damage caused by IT has been largely overlooked, but this is changing. We have published a guide and checklist to help businesses survive sustainability audits. “Will your IT withstand a sustainability review?" provides insights and practical advice on how best to prepare.
Thank you for completing our customer survey, your feedback is important

As environmental aspects become more important to businesses and brands, we will all be looking for ways to reduce the environmental footprint of our IT and company.

Simply charging our phones can eat energy, but when we participate in video conferences, scroll through Linked In or manage a fleet of connected IoT devices, data is transferred, stored and processed digitally through servers that consume large quantities of energy. The data center is at the core of this, independent of our choice of cloud, in-house data center, outsourced IT and/or colocation, and needs to be addressed. 

This whitepaper explains which criteria your data centre solution needs to fulfil in order to meet coming compliance requirements, customer demands and – probably – your organisations sustainability targets.
A commitment to sustainability has become a business and public sector imperative, not just a means to satisfy customers and employees – put simply, it is the right thing to do. 





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