DigiPlex will be Platinum Partner at CIO Trends 2018

5 February 2018
Join us for insights from leading CIOs and learn why data centres are becoming a key issue for the boardroom.
DigiPlex will be Platinum Partner at CIO Trends 2018

CIO Trend in Stockholm on 22nd February sets the agenda for IT 2018. With a starting point in the transformational changes going on in the world, where new technology is both a challenge and an enabler. What do technology shifts like AI, the cloud, constant connectivity and advanced analytics mean for Swedish buisnesses? Which threats are looming on the horizon?

DigiPlex CCO, Lars Tisén, will participate in a session on why data centres will be a key issue for the CIO in 2018. Join us and listen to insights from leading CIOs, prominent analysts, futurists and the results from CIO Sweden’s yearly report.

Download Lars Tiséns presentation here. 

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