Adapting for Tomorrow's Needs

5 March 2018
Dagen's Industry discuss the partnership between DigiPlex and IT-Total and the reasons for their selection.
Adapting for Tomorrow's Needs

Companies are buying more and more of their IT infrastructure as a service and are increasingly demanding that their data center solution be both environmentally sustainable and highly secure. In collaboration with DigiPlex, market-leading data center, IT-Total has managed to transform these trends into a proof recipe for rapid growth.

"We have been able to take on both large customers and customers with very specific security requirements," says Fredrik Franzén at IT-Total.

In just six years, IT-Total, a service company specialist in IT infrastructure, has grown to over 100 employees and a turnover of over 250 million kronor. According to the company's Global Business Development Manager, Fredrik Franzén, is an important reason for the success that IT-Total as a young company has quickly been able to capture the most important trends in the industry.

In DigiPlex's newly built data center just north of Stockholm, a perfect partner was found to develop and move the business forward. Just like IT-Total, DigiPlex had put its business strategy in line with the future big trends and built a data center already adapted for tomorrow's needs. That's why IT-Total chose to make DigiPlex the primary data center and started working closely.

The growing importance of the right choice of data centres for companies is something that both IT-Total and DigiPlex noticed. "The requirements on companies to reduce their data's environmental footprint and to ensure the highest security, both digital and physical will continue to increase. Excessive emissions, data breaches or disruptions will be too costly, in terms of the environment, financial and brand" says Lars Tisén, Chief Commercial Officer at DigiPlex.

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