World class energy efficiency

The energy efficiency of a data centre is as important for reducing the impact on the environment as it is for keeping costs down. Choice of cooling method, floor plan design, changing external ambient air temperatures, geography and season all affect a data centre’s energy efficiency. In partnership with Munters and Gardener, DigiPlex has developed the Air-to-Air evaporative cooling technology, which exploits the cool Scandinavian climate and eliminates the need for traditional cooling methods. The technology won the prestigious Data Centre Dynamics 2012 EMEA Award for ‘Future Thinking and Design Concept’.

Power efficiency is measured in PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness). With Air-to-Air evaporative cooling from DigiPlex, energy efficiency can be brought down to <1,1 which is a world-class benchmark.  

DigiPlex is a leading exponent of innovative green energy management systems – to reduce environmental impact and data centre operating costs for our customers.

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