What does your data centre cost?

Reduce your operational cost by outsourcing

Global energy consumption
Data centres now have the same carbon footprint as the airline industry and are currently responsible for 3% of the global electricity consumption.  As data volumes become larger and more business critical, the data center becomes increasingly more important. Choosing the right data center is crucial for business, security and the environment.  

In-house data centers = higher costs
Choosing an energy efficient and environmentally responsible data center solution, will ensure that companies can reduce both costs and their carbon footprint. Electricity makes up a significant part of the total data centre cost, with between 70-75% of the operating cost attributed to power. An in-house data center is usually sub-optimised and draws on much more power, so moving to a highly efficient data center can save 50-60% of the total operating cost. 

Customer case Evry
By moving its operations to a new purpose built DigiPlex data center, the Norweigian company Evry, not only achieved an impressive design PUE of below 1.2 it was also awarded the top spot in Norway´s list of sustainable companies.

Air-to-Air saves money and energy
DigiPlex data centres use award winning Air-to-Air evaporative cooling systems. Thanks to the cool, moist climate of the Nordic region, this solution delivers natural cooling. It works in line with nature to save energy, reduce costs and decrease the environmental footprint. Download more facts on Air-to-Air evaporative cooling.



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