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Why not take the opportunity to discover how a state-of-the-art data centre can benefit your company. If you are interested to learn more about our Nordic centres, why not book a tour today.

The DigiPlex data centres provide the flexibility and growth potential that companies and organisations seek. Your data centre will be designed to your specification, and we will directly supervise its construction. An outsourcing solution with DigiPlex can easily be scaled up or down, enabling you to respond to changing market situations and consumer needs.

You can free up resources within your organisation, reduce the problem of finding the right staff and gain control of long-term costs. Enjoy a tailor-made financial arrangement with low or zero CapEx and predictable OpEx over time. Our solutions are flexible, secure and sustainable, so wherever your business takes you, you'll be ready with state-of-the-art technology

DigiPlex designs, builds and operates data centres in the Nordic region. In operation since 2001, DigiPlex is one of Europe's longest-standing data centre operators and leading in the Nordics. We currently operate three facilities in Oslo, Norway, one in Stockholm, Sweden and our newest data centre in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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DigiPlex specialises in delivering best-in-class services to its customers by delivering tailored, secure and resilient environments with the highest possible availability. DigiPlex is a privately owned and independent company, operationally as well as financially.




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