Gold & Silver for Creative Content

DigiPlex, the only data center operator honoured at the awards, won two awards for achieving exponential results on a flat budget by placing sustainability at the core. 

DigiPlex won gold for Best content campaign used to assist with corporate positioning using thought leadership articles in traditional and social media to raise the issues of energy efficiency, carbon emissions and sustainability across the data center industry. The "Sustainability at the Core" campaign was designed to lift the lid on the issue of dirty data centers and led to a massive increase in brand awareness and an improved sales pipeline. The judges remarked that DigiPlex “Perfectly blended business purpose with a content campaign highlighting little-known but highly topical issue.”

The Silver award was won by DigiPlex for Best creative use of owned media channels. This recognised the way the company had used its own channels, including website and social media to reinforce the "Sustainability at the Core" messaging.

The Corporate Content Awards is the only awards event to benchmark and reward corporate storytelling and the use of narrative to all corporate audiences, across owned, earned and bought media. It celebrates those who have created and used content to achieve business goals most effectively


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