DatacenterDynamics 2012 EMEA Award for ‘Future Thinking and Design Concept’

DigiPlex, one of the longest standing data centre builders and operators in Europe, has won the prestigious Data Centre Dynamics 2012 EMEA Award for ‘Future Thinking and Design Concept’.

The DatacenterDynamics (DCD) EMEA 6th Annual Awards recognise innovation, leadership and ‘out of the box’ thinking in the data center industry across the EMEA region. The award to DigiPlex and its partner, Munter Gardner DC Solutions, is for the DigiPlex A2A (Air to Air) Indirect Evaporative Cooling Modular Data Centre Solution.The DigiPlex A2A (Air to Air) modular solution delivers:

  • ultra low pPUE evaporative cooling – 1.033;
  • high density up to 23kW per rack ICT accommodation;
  • hypoxic air fireproofing;
  • modular, no column, stackable construction, scalable from 30m2 white space to infinity;
  • proven technology reliability.
  • Holistic control solutions based on laod and climatic conditions


The DCD judges applauded the DigiPlex combination of emerging technologies with proven “best in class” data centre equipment. They highlighted DigiPlex’s innovative technology to create great flexibility, energy and economic savings by making the smallest changes to their equipment.

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