Power and cooling

Future-ready IT housing from DigiPlex is powered by redundant renewable energy from the stable Nordic power grid.

The promise of 100% uptime is backed up by dual power to the facility, dual power to servers, heavy-duty battery packs, UPS and diesel-powered generators.

Uninterruptible Power Supply
Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) means our customers equipment remains supported with stable continuous power if national utility supplies become irregular or fail altogether. UPS systems also protect customer ICT equipment from damage from "out of tolerance" mains supply conditions, spikes, dips or surges in the primary mains power source.

Continuity of Power
DigiPlex electrical infrastructures arrange a low voltage power supply to all ICT customers areas. For our sites at Fetsund, Oslo and in Stockholm, the UPS configuratiuon is 2N.

Energy monitoring
DigiPlex data centres deploy facility-wide energy measuring devices for monitoring both customer ICT and in-house infrastructure power consumption, so that we can continuously compute and monitor power usage effectiveness (PUE) performance.

One important mechanism for lowering data centre operating costs is the reduction of energy consumption.

The energy used to cool customer equipment can be managed by good operational control, thereby reducing consumption without affecting service delivery. One such tactical measure is the use of 'free cooling' available from low seasonal outdoor temperatires in the Nordics.. 


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